Shhhhh…. It’s Healthy!

At times, getting kids (and sometimes husbands) to eat what is good for them can be a challenge.  My daughter’s school has a “low sugar” policy, which makes it great for moms like me who want our children to eat healthy and avoid the dreaded sugar high… But it also requires a bit more creativity when sending baked goods to the classroom.

One thing I’ve learned is the value of quality ingredients (and, for baked goods, proper cooking time!). Using fresh fruits and even vegetables can help keep muffins (or cakes or breads) sweet, moist and tasty.  (See my paleo banana bread/muffin recipe).  Banana bread, zucchini muffins, and carrot cake are a few of my favorites. I like adding a bit of EnjoyLife dairy-free, gluten free chocolate chips to the mix every once in a while to add a bit of chocolately sweetness when I’ve not used any other sweetener.