Things I Love

Picky Bars

Picky Bars, full of all natural, gluten-free, dairy-free ingredients, are the perfect snack for workouts (that actually taste great too!). These delectable treats were designed and created by the dynamic duo Jesse Thomas, professional triathlete, and his wife Lauren Fleschman, professional runner to meet the needs of athletes and enhance performance.

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Crock Pot

Time is on your side with a crock pot. As a mom on the run, having a crockpot (and countless great crockpot recipes) is a must. I use it often, mixing it up and creating all kinds of dinners that are ready when we are, whether it’s after a big soccer match, after a long day’s work or after having to run around all day.

Health-Ade Kombucha

Another Farmers’ Market favorite is Health-Ade Kombucha, a probiotics drink that’s made locally using only organic and whole ingredients and flavored with local and seasonal farmers’ market fruit.

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Hand Blender

I’m always surprised of the many uses of a hand blender. Smoothies, pesto, hummus, soup, dressing, dessert… The list goes on and on. With this useful tool, you can choose what ingredients go in to these various recipes that when bought in the store can be full of preservatives and additives And the best part? Easy cleanup.

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