Bulletproof coffee

I always feel great starting the day with Bulletproof coffee. This high-performance coffee leaves me energized without the jitters and – in my opinion – is best made with grass fed butter.

Picky Bars

Picky Bars, full of all natural, gluten-free, dairy-free ingredients, are the perfect snack for workouts (that actually taste great too!). These delectable treats were designed and created by the dynamic duo Jesse Thomas, professional triathlete, and his wife Lauren Fleschman, professional runner to meet the needs of athletes and enhance performance.

La Dolce Vita Gourmet Cashew Butter

Made locally and discovered at my Farmers Market, La Dolce Vita Gourmet nut butters in all their variations are a constant in my household, used for everything from cooking to sandwiches to fueling for training. My personal favorite is the cashew butter Sicilian Coffee. To sweeten the deal, all proceeds for La Dolce Vita Gourmet go to help provide medical care, surgery and homes for severally neglected and abused animals.