Facing Fears

“To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.” – Bertrand Russell

Facing fears is empowering. It’s how we transform ourselves from a worrier to a warrior, ready to tackle whatever comes our way.  When I started triathlon, I was intimidated by swimming in a massive group of people in the open water. There are waves. It’s cold. What if I’m not fast enough? What if I can’t get out in those big waves? What if I can’t get back in?

Swimming at Tower26 has taught me a lot of lessons – and to be a better swimmer.  I’ve learned that the only way to deal with that fear I felt is to look at it straight on and commit to moving forward. Not carelessly, with no regard or respect to mother nature or my abilities, but to commit with confidence, knowing that after training for months in the ocean and in the pool that I have the tools to handle whatever may be thrown at me, including someone accidentally knocking my goggles off, big surf and/or getting cramps.

With Gerry’s help, I have learned to be comfortable with discomfort and to relax under pressure.

Thank you for the amazing photos Shiggy!