I always knew that I would stay home and raise a family, I wanted be there to breast feed and watch her take her first step and say her first word. But there were times when I wish I would have kept my job as a sports reporter. If I went out to an event the first thing people would ask was, “so what do you do?”.  When I would say, “a stay at home mom”, they would turn and talk to someone else as if I had the plague.  That was a while ago; times have changed a little and whether mom’s choose to go back to work or not there is no question that being a mindful parent is one of the toughest jobs going. But it is also the most rewarding. My daughter is the light in my life. We also have an adopted child (dog), named Mona, who my daughter rescued from a local shelter.  While they are my nucleus, surrounding me I  have a lot of family, some are by blood, some are by choice and they make my world a very special place.